ArrowsWisteria 1983
ArrowsIrises 1983
ArrowsBeach 1984
ArrowsSalmon 1985
ArrowsRavens 1986
ArrowsRocks & Lizards 1984

Here is a sampling of Kimonos made in the 1980’s. A little gallery, if you will, of past works. They have all been sold, except for one or two that Nicki has kept for herself.

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These pieces were all made before the knitting machine was computerized. Several graphs were made and the designs were transferred to punch cards.

“I have always loved landscapes Mostly, I like the idea of space, of being able to imagine stepping into a scene. I am also very influenced by Japanese design. I like the formality and the diagonals of Japanese Art. And, of course, Kimonos, which can be hung like paintings, or worn on the body.”

ArrowsBig Fish 1985
ArrowsGarden 1991
ArrowsSpring 1986
ArrowsSummer 1986
landscapellAutumn 1987
ArrowsWinter 1987