Pricing & How to Order

Pet Portraits Prices and Order Form

Select a photo of your pet. The best photographs are headshots of the

animal looking directly at the camera with a characteristic expression.

Your favorite picture may be ideal. You may also work with Nicki to

Obtain an optimal image. Choose a presentation format. A Portrait

may be framed, fashioned into a pillow, made wearable, or otherwise

customized to order. (Some formats will require an additional

charge.) You may submit an order online, by phone, or by mail.

Initial artist’s fee may be made by check, credit card, or PayPal.

Nicki usually needs between four to six weeks to complete all the

artistic and production processes required for a Pet Portrait.

Orders can be filled within three weeks on a rush basis for an

additional fee.

Nicki Hitz Edson

320 Lenox Avenue 

Oakland, CA 94610


Immortalize your pet with a fiber art portrait by Nicki Hitz Edson:

Initial execution of Pet Portrait                                           $      400.00

Each additional copy of fiber artwork                               $      325.00

Display Options:

Blocked                                                                                   No Charge

Pillow                                                                                         $         50.00

Framed Picture                                                                     $         75.00

Clothing                                                                                  As Ordered



O r d e r   F o r m

Enclosed is a picture(s) of:__________________

(insert animal’s name)

Please add _____________ to your portfolio of Pet Portraits.

Commission for 16” x 16” Custom Fiber Art Portrait by Nicki:

Initial Execution of Pet Portrait                        @ $400.00                           $   400.00

_________ Additional Copies                          @ $325.00 each                   ________

Subtotal                               $_______

Display Options:

_________ Blocked (no charge)                                                                    $        0.00

_________ Pillow                                             @ $50.00 each                     ________

_________ Framed Picture                          @ $75.00 each                     ________

_________ Clothing                                          by arrangement                ________

Subtotal                                                                                                                  $_______

Sales Tax           (California Residents Only)                                                ________

Handling, Shipping, & Insurance (as quoted)                                          ________

Total                                                                                                                         $________

Please ship the completed order to the following address:

Name            _________________________________________

Address         _________________________________________

City               ______________                       State   _____                  Zip   ________

  • I understand that each Pet Portrait is an original work of art created by Nicki Hitz Edson and fabricated through an extensive process that normally takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete. Expedited orders can be arranged for guaranteed delivery in as soon as 2 weeks for an additional Handling Fee, provided there is space.
  • Shipping is normally by UPS Ground and fully insured. Expedited orders can be arranged by FedEx or other carrier, prepaid or at posted tariffs.


Payment may be made ¨ in cash, ¨ by check/money order, ¨ with credit/debit card, or ¨ through PayPal, in advance.


______          __________________________                               _____/_____

Type                 Account Number                                                          Expiration Date